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Hii everyone, Im helping out a good mate of mine by getting players to join his game on his Server 1 and Server 2, So people can you help me and go on this link and join pleasssee, Im begging tou guys to join its a fantastic game, great commuinty. So pleasseee join Im begging you to, You will never regret playing this game, the game is free. So pleassee join for me.


Join me on ChaoticWars!


Pleaseee join for the sake of me Pleaseee people.

It openedd 2days ago

So pleasee guys help me.

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mmm... registration => same username and password => and you end up in a new page with a warning, you press the link => bam wrong URL. Nice !

captcha is weak... but well... it's maybe better than none?

after registration... you have to wait but it logs in... good!

Now... I'm inside the game and... sorry but I have no clues what the story is, no clues what the game is, so basically you must click randomly on links? Sorry that's stupid and sadly it's a common issue here on MWG.

Online with last action over 6 hours ago? Sorry for me that doesn't mean online ;)

Overall I would strongly suggest to put a story, have some content which match the story, not some generic McCode (or the like) site which sorry to say I have no interest for.

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