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Idea for a mod..


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Heres an idea i had for a mod you can use it..

A cave or dungeon where users battle NPCs on a floor, you can have like 5-6 floors or more if you want, floors are basically stages till the end..

so say you kill 2-3 NPC on first floor find the key unlock the door to next floor keep repeating until you reach the end where you are to defeat a big monster (strong npc) once killed you gain your reward which are tokens..

Now before you enter and start you are given the option to set a diffuclty, easy , med, hard

if you choose easy it will be quicker to find the key and easier to defeat npc but get very low amount of tokens..so prize will be crap..

and for the rest you get the idea...

Now saving these tokens you can have a store where you can purchase special and powerful armour, weapons or even special items in game which cant be bought for cash but tokens..

this will keep the users playing a long time if the store gives good things to buy...

jsut a rough idea..

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