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What will be in 1.1.3


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Here is what's planned in 1.1.3:

- Objects can finally correctly managed from the admin interface with a special editor which will let you edit all the attributes of the objects as if it was one row (any mod developer can as well define their own table editor from 1.1.3)

- Admin page will display news taken from the shop / marketplace to be informed about new modules available or any offer.

- The forums sections will have conditional display / posting, to be able give sections to admin only, or clans for example.

- The forums will have a "ban" button

- With a bit of luck I will squash in even polls inside the forums (if not for this release it's still a feature which will be added some time)

- New content will be added (armors, weapons, NPC and more), however as the content may clash with your existing game, if you upgrade the content will not be imported. You will have to re-install to get it or run manually some SQL.

- Combat will be tweaked to make use of the new content.

The release is planned in 2 weeks. So if you have some wishes for it, let me know and maybe I can put them in too.

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New content is ready:

- added a second arena in the second town.

- added about 70 NPC to combat

- added combat drops

- added loads of armors and weapons

- worked on the tutorial (now 16 steps)

- implemented all the promised beside the clan bans.

Therefore we may have a release by tomorrow stay tuned.

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