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Advanced Dogs In Production!


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Hi there MWG users,

Just though i'd let you all in on what i'm currently working on!

Advanced Dogs!

What it does?

Allows the owner of the game to create a dog which will then be added to the kennels for people to buy!. When creating a dog the owner can choose the dogs Breed,Gender,Cost and also the dogs stats which consist of Strength,Endurance,Speed & Guard!. Once a dog has been created it will be added to the dog kennels where players will be able to buy the dog. Once a player has bought a dog they can do serveral things with there dog. These include training the dogs stats at the dog gym, training dogs will require using the dogs energy and also concentration. They'll be able to fight their dogs against other users dogs and also race their dogs against other users dogs. The dogs stats will effect the outcome of these events. Strength & Guard for attack, Speed & Endurance for racing. Players will also be able to buy houses for their dogs which will make the dog happier and also increase its concentration which in turn means the dogs can earn more from training. Dogs will also have hunger, thirst and moral stats. Dog owners must feed their dogs so there dog doesn't starve to death, Give their dog regular drinks so their dogs don't die of dehydration and also play with their dogs so they don't become unhappy and run away. Dog owners will also be able breed one of their dogs with another one of their dogs. The dogs must be the same breed and also one must be male and the other female. If breeding is successful then they will have a puppy of that breed. Dogs will also have levels which will increase by earning exp from racing and fighting. The greater a dogs level the more energy it will have and the more health it will have. There will also be a dogs market for the players to be able to add their dogs to so they can sell them. Another thing is players will be able to "leash" their dogs and take them into battle with them. If dogs get hurt fighting then they are sent to the vets where they will spend recovery time, players will not be able to use their dogs in recovery time. Players will also be able to give their dog a name. There will be a dogs item shop where players will be able to buy dog collars and various other dogs items which will help the dog when fighting and running.

These are the current ideas, as I go along I will add more things and I have also probably missed a few things out.

When will this be finished?

Unsure due to the fact I am busy with more important projects before I set this up including http://www.cookiegaming.com and also due to the fact I am busy with real life issues also but i'm hoping in the next week or two. Also due to the fact I am constantly adding things and ideas as I go through this may knock back the release date a few days.

Whats done so far?

So far I have coded so that owners can add dogs via the staff panel, the dog kennels for people to buy dogs from, the dogs gym, dog owners manage your dogs section and also the dogs stats, crons and levels, energy,concentraion,hunger, thirst & moral.

Free or Paid?

Currently I am planning on releasing this as a paid mod but I am not 100% sure, I may just end up releasing for free.

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Just a small update on where i'm up to. After testing there were many errors in what I had coded so I scrapped it and re-coded it all. I have coded so staff can add dogs to kennels, tested and works perfect and I have also re-coded the kennels but having a few errors, nothing major shouldn't be to hard to sort. Shall update some screenshots soon.

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