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ZBrush 4R4 - Just released


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ZBrush 4R4 has been released, and... I must admit it's just shocking good.

- First of all, it's a free update, and this is not the first time they do as it's the 4th. Seems they have enough new customer to pay the development which is really good for all.

- This release is a solid release with many features from automatic lower mesh creation (and quality mesh you can directly use not like those decimation tools I used so far) to even a new history system: it saves up to 10'000 steps, and even make you a movie from the steps:


- Undo / redo is even now stored in the file (something I never saw so far in any software), which means you can close ZBrush, re-open and reload your file, and you can undo all the actions (till the last 10'000).

- GoZ: their integration with other softwares has been updated as well, and guess what, Modo 601 the soft I was using has been implemented.

Overall I would say this is the way to go: you buy a soft, and even a couple of years later you still get free updates / upgrades. It's nearly too cool to be true.

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