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Issue with adding item


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Okay, so, as some of you have seen, I've been working on big mod. A re-work of the V1 items system.

I've finally finished typing it all out and have moved on to testing it.

I've hit a little snag with adding an item through the staffitems page I've created.

I'm getting this error, and I don't understand why:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Weapon,Testing Info,10,1,1000,500)' at line 1


The item information form:

echo "
	Use the forms below to enter the information for the new Weapon.<br />
	All fields must be filled out.<br /><br />
	<form action='staffitems.php?action=doaddweapon' method='post'>
	Weapon Type: (Projectile = 1, Melee = 2) <input type='text' name='type' value='' /><br />
	Weapon Name: <input type='text' name='name' value='' /><br />
	Weapon Info: <input type='text' name='info' value='' /><br />
	Weapon Power: <input type='text' name='power' value='' /><br />
	Weapon Sellable? (Yes = 1, No = 2) <input type='text' name='sellable' value='' /><br />
	Weapon Price: <input type='text' name='price' value='' /><br />
	Weapon Sell Price: <input type='text' name='sell_price' value='' /><br />
	<input type='submit' value='Add Weapon' /></form>";


The SQL insert:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO weapons VALUES('',{$_POST['type']},{$_POST['name']},{$_POST['info']},{$_POST['power']},{$_POST['sellable']},{$_POST['price']},{$_POST['sell_price']})", $c) or die(mysql_error());


Anyone see an obvious issue here? I've tried changing everything I can think of.

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