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graphics designer needed!


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Godfathers United


Game abstract:

Godfathers united is a online mafia game where you commit crimes, run business, mug players ect

(Some of the) Unique features:

Player own casino's, mission system many more to be added.

Technology used:

PHP, MYSQL, heavily modded GL engine

Current development status:

the game is up and running, but still a little bit of work to be done.

My own skills and tasks in the game:

i am the main programmer for the game, and make up the plot and create new updates for the game

What I/we are looking for:

I really need a graphics designer.

Expenses will be covered by:

all the hosting is all ready covered.

Current team:

only myself

Share / gain of the partners:

We will split the gain after hosting payed with the following shares: 60% for me and 40% to the graphics designer



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