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Selingl a Game!


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i have a game which has been up for a short time, its into its 2nd month, and already its doing quite well,

Visits: 4,163

Unique Visitors: 2,198

Pageviews: 89,015

Pages/Visit: 21.38

everyday it get around 3-5k page views, around 60 online 24 hoours and 15-30 stay active.

As far for donation have got in much yet around $10-30.

No advertising was done to the game most users are mobile user therefore there was not much donations, if you setup a mobile payment you might get alot of donations.

If you advertise it, this game will do even better.

I have a trailer for this which a player has made, it been up for a few days, not much view around 70 views. which i will send to you so you can upload it.

You get:





Android App which has around 2-3k Downloads.

Everyday around 10-20 signups and around 750+ users atm.

Looking for around $300.00, if i post this on flippa or digital forums i can get a bit more due to traffic, as people can promote their own business etc.. or even raise it much more and earn better.

How ever digital point does not let me post and to advertise on flippa is pritty expensive.

Pm me if intrested and got funds i dont want to hear keep it for me ill pay next week.

I will send link in Pm to those who are intrested.

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what do you mean by playable? my users are playing? also if your talking about layout well it a clean layout directed for all sort of screen sizes. and to be honest $300 is worth it for the stats etc it get alot of view a day..i think you dont like the layout?

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Erm......you checked how this looks in chrome? really bad.

Most users online ever 92.

Dont see anything out of the ordinary on there but its super hard to navigate round on chrome as the styling is shot to bits. So honestly its worth the licence cost. App's for sale dont cost much if you do your research.

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there is only navigation bars on top thats all? its makes it easier for mobile devices to play etc..

Terrible idea and about routing it to 1 place, you can... Use PHP to determain what stylesheet to use.

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