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Just want your thoughts

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Hey everyone, just wanted to get your thoughts on what I am currently working on.

In the couple of years that I have been playing text games I havent seen anything like this so I decided to try to create it and so far so good as I am pretty new to coding games for myself. I am basically creating alliances/factions between players based on what actions they do in the game similar to a fable style type thing. Im trying to make it so that anything you do affects your outcome whether it be good or evil and depending on what your are it will limit you to specific items, cities, properties, gangs, and almost everything that you can do inside the game. I am even going to make it so that every so often via a cron it will select a gang or 2 from each alliance and automatically start a war for X amount of days. Im also going to create some pros and cons for being one alliance or another. So some input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated or if you have other questions feel free cause I gotta head back into work :(

Thanks for reading and any comments

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