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Nee a bit of helpp


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im trying to create a bonus credit page, where my game users can enter their user and pass and credit there account with my bonus deal, donator days, money etc..

I want it so users dont have to be loggedin, they have to enter user and pass if valid it will go through if not then will show errors ofcourse, once they enter valid user and pass, it will credit that user show success text, it will update database and a cloum called credit, so before credit it will be set to 0 then once credited will set to 1, now i want it secure so things i would want is if users is already credited it wont work ofcourse and that person cannot credit another users on the same ip.

I need some help building this, i need a basic starter structer which i can work off and edit.

(i want help not links to php coding etc..)

Im not asking for a whole code done just something to get me going...

if someone out there can help me please..:)

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