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User: demo

Pass: demo

To save everyone making an account.

Define the term original script as this is clearly not created by you GL from the look of it.

the awcer to that why you been so ratty and dead off with people just becuz you code good dosent mean other people can do 1 if alls you have is negativity :mad: :)

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Seen that script plenty of places.

Just because you change the layout slightly does not make it original noob. Its called being truthful and you will always fail at what ever you attempt if you cannot tell the truth.


omg move of my post just becuz its been round many places doesnt make it theres it was orginally global mafia and i added alot of scripts to it to make it what it is so as i say do 1 with the negitivity pal

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Who mentioned Global Mafia?

You have since posting this gone on several other threads behaving like an immature child.

Did you not mean..

Oh my god. Move off my post just because its been around many places doesnt make it theirs. It was originally Global Mafia and I added a lot of pre-made scripts to make it what it is. So as I say do one with the negativity pal.

Schooling. Not what it used to be is it.

Since you are unable to define original then let me teach you.

This is a pre-made engine. It is not your original script as you did not write it. Adding other scripts to it still does not make it your own.

You asked for feedback.

Ill be brutally honest.

Its rubbish. The flashing title is more likely to give the end user an epileptic fit than wish to play the game.

It is not original

It is lacking in content

If you wish someone to bug test it then be prepared to pay them to do the work or do it yourself.

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