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Jail/Crime Success Rate Problem


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Okay, so I've added a jail script. And, ever since I added it, every click on a crime lands the user straight in jail. I've tested this on several different crimes and with several different accounts. Every attempt lands you straight in the clink.

I feel like it has to have something to do with my docrime.php as I have not messed with the SQL formulas at all, and before I added the jail, crimes were actually succeeding. Could really use some help with this if anyone's got a minute to check out the code.



-- Free Mod For CE
-- docrime.php edited by $Bull$$ EYE$
require "global_func.php";
if($_SESSION['loggedin']==0) { header("Location: login.php");exit; }
require "header.php";
$h = new headers;
include "mysql.php";
global $c;
$is=mysql_query("SELECT u.*,us.* FROM users u LEFT JOIN userstats us ON u.userid=us.userid WHERE u.userid=$userid",$c) or die(mysql_error());
$lv=date('F j, Y, g:i a',$ir['laston']);
if($ir['jail'] or $ir['hospital']) { die("This page cannot be accessed while in jail or hospital."); }
$_GET['c']=abs((int) $_GET['c']);
print "Invalid crime";
$q=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM crimes WHERE crimeID={$_GET['c']}",$c);
if($ir['brave'] < $r['crimeBRAVE'])
print "You do not have enough Brave to perform this crime.";
$ec="\$sucrate=".str_replace(array("LEVEL","EXP","  WILL","IQ"), array($ir['level'], $ir['exp'], $ir['will'], $ir['IQ']),$r['crimePERCFORM']).";";
print $r['crimeITEXT'];
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET brave={$ir['brave']} WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
if(rand(1,100) <= $sucrate)
print str_replace("{money}",$r['crimeSUCCESSMUNY'],$r['crimeSTEXT']);
$ir['exp']+=(int) ($r['crimeSUCCESSMUNY']/5);
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET crimes=crimes+1 WHERE userid={$ir['userid']}",$c);
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET money={$ir['money']},exp={$ir['exp']} WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
print $r['crimeFTEXT'];
$jailtime=(int) (10);
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET jail=$jailtime WHERE userid=$userid", $c);
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET jailreason='Failed a crime' WHERE userid=$userid", $c);

print "
<a href='docrime.php?c={'c']}>Try Again</a>

<a href='criminal.php'>Crimes</a>";
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