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So what ha....?


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Should be in the discussion's thread. But me:

Found a job in web development, going very strong.

New project's came and died.

New project's came and completed but never released.

Quite a bit actually. And yourself?

Yeah I have never been one to think logically about where to post threads in the forums.

Ahh yeaah, were these your projects or just in general? Why were they not released?

I basically was studying the International Baccalureate which i finished in 2010 and went quite well, I then started work, saved up and took off to London, did some travelling around Europe but lived and worked in London bar tending for a while. Then I have come back this year and started a Bachelor of Construction and Property Management!


Im still picking my nose and flicking it at Paul Evans ;)

hahaa good style, have you stayed strong the whole time? Active in other words? Or did you have a break for a year or so?

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