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New Weapon System


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Hey all,


I just kinda go back around working on mods and decided to start on this mod. Here are the details.

This mod allows you to buy different weapons that have different traits.

When building this mod i found it hard to define differences in the way the weapons work. I mean you have a bat with a multiplier of 10 or a pistol with a multiplier of 10. Any way you dice it its pretty much the same thing. But that is why in this mod i gave weapons more of an edge.

Weapons now have attributes for damage, rate of fire, and accuracy. This gives you the option of making so many new weapons that do not have to be over powered in your game, but users can tell a difference in the weapons as they progress through the game.

The major feature i have added is weapon modification. You can put different things on your weapon such as sights, grips, and coated bullets. These will enhance your weapon. So therefore you can have weak gun, but it can eventually be stronger than some of the other guns in the game.

This mod comes with its own custom equip item feature.

This mod is about 75% completed and should be finished very soon i will keep you all updated and will answer any questions you have to ask. Thanks and glad to be back around here missed everyone!

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