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could do with some help


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Hello guys im a little confused here i basically added images to my items and in the shops i replaced the line where it just prints out the item name with imagetags "<img src='{$r['itmname']}'>" <<that

it displays the image as all my item names have the png to it at the end so it picks it out but just wanted to know i try replacing the link in inventory it just prints query

this is the line am trying to edit:

print $equip[$ir['equip_secondary']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_secondary'>Unequip Item</a></td>";

this is what i tried to do:

print $equip[$ir['equip_secondary']]."<img src='{$r['itmname']}'></td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_secondary'>Unequip Item</a></td>";

here are the querys and stuff in the file:

$q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE itmid IN({$ir['equip_primary']}, {$ir['equip_secondary']}, {$ir['equip_armor']})");





i dont get why its not being displayed i just added the image tags nothing else please if someone can kindly help

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