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Looking for Level/Stat/Money cap mod

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I am looking for a Mod that would allow me to set the max user level and stats to whatever I would like and this raise them each month

Also would be nice if it had something like if you didn't go to the gym for a few days your stats would slowly go back down


if someone could point me towards something even close to this I could edit the rest in


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I just used a quick if statement to set it so after 1 billion combined stats a User can no longer enter the gym. For the level I made it so you no longer got exp after you reached level 1,000 and doubled it over so you could not level up past 1,000 seems to work fine if anyone wants the code I used message me =D

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Unless your players train their stats with non-donated items, I really don't think you want to set it up so that stats go down after so many days of the gym not being used. Nor would you want to limit how many stats they get if they are using donated items. Donations are what keep your game going ... if you limit what they can do with them you will very shortly find yourself without any donators.

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