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Hey I'm the owner of GameHostYou well were still in develope but I'm here to give you guys heads up.GameHostyou is now ofering reseller hosting plan which is 50/yr all our deals are yearly and cheap.We have a web site which would be gamehostyou.info(undermaintance).

Also I know how some people don't go with webhosts that are younger than 2yrs but I can tell you we have testers that uses many webhosts(bluehost,godaddy,w3theroy,bighost)that has tested our host out so far we have no down time.

Well here's our special offer we are offering special deals webhosting from 5/yr-50/yr.Also if you want to run a webhost are just host all your game products buy a reseller give your clients your limits.


[email protected] or send me a pm on here.

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The thing about posts like this is that you fail to provide much info.

You post and stating your website in under maintenance. Why bother? could you have not waited until your site was ready?

Stating your offering 50/yr means nothing. No further details? You then do the same for the webhosting.

As for your testing against the other big hosts. I do not see how you have done such testing. How long has your server been up? how much experience do you have in server management?

To be honest if your offering plans that cheap then your more than likely doing the following.

Have a very cheap server which will not be able to take many clients.

Are going to oversell the above which will make it slow and useless for everyone.

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