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Looking for developers

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I need 1-2 people who are good in PHP...I need them to be good with the SQL side and security.

I need the following mods developed by said people.

I want to set up an option to choose a class at signup.

The ability to easily add more classes to the game

when the user selects said class I want them to get a certain buff which is easily moded. Meaning a Strong Guy class would get 2 strength for every level up a long with the normal stat gains.

These classes would tie into almost every aspect of the game...

Smarty Pants would gain +2 IQ per level up...IQ would allow you to be more successful at crimes, and certain aspects of the game...

Basically each stat would have its purpose...


Second mod would be fairly easy...This one is a weapons restrictions.

Weapons and Armors would each have a stat restrictions...

You could only equip brass knuckles if your iq is 10 your strength is 15 and your speed, brave, labor were all 5.

Please send private messages with questions, cost for development, and anything else you may find important to let me know.

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Beside it's clearly in the wrong section, please tell us for which engine you want such development done.

Sorry, I just saw request and clicked it. I am still more used to the old forums, and am not the biggest of fan of these new ones. I know they have been out a while, but I still prefered the other forums they were easier to navigate. Do you have the ability to move this post to the correct area? Or where do you want me to post it because i will delete this post and add it to the correct spot if I knew where that was.

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