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So, the time has come.. After 6 months with heavy working every day an every night i am comed to the concusion that i should sell my game.. I am starting by selling my 2 first games..

Malicious Mobbers and Malicious Mercenaries.. Atm, the game have a few bugs we are fixing cause of change in the codes to mak it better.. I have added the games to flippa.com and if you wanna buy the game(s) you need to place a bid on there or send me a PM on here..

Later on i will also sell my 2 other .com games + the facebook game..

This is the auction for Malicious Mobbers: https://flippa.com/2704764-malicious-mobbers-online-based-rpg-game

This is the auction for Malicious Mercenaries: https://flippa.com/2704787-malicious-mercenaries-online-based-rpg-game

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