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[Tut]Moderator Panel


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Open this: lib/class.modulefactory.php

And add this:

  public static function moderatorFactory(&$db, &$tpl, &$player, $module='Index')
       if (file_exists (MODERATOR_DIR . '/' . $module . '/index.php'))
           include_once (MODERATOR_DIR . '/' . $module . '/index.php');
           $classname = 'Moderator_' . $module;
           return new $classname($db, $tpl, $player);
           include_once (MODERATOR_DIR . '/Index/index.php');
           return new Moderator_Index($db, $tpl, $player);


After this:


    include_once (ADMIN_DIR . '/Index/index.php');
           return new Admin_Index($db, $tpl, $player);


Now make new folder(in same folder as Hooks, smart, modules) called moderator(or just make copy of admin folder).

create index.php


define('IN_EZRPG', true);

require_once '../init.php';

//Require moderator rank
if ($player->rank < 5)
   header('Location: ../index.php');

$default_mod = 'Index';

$module_name = ( (isset($_GET['mod']) && ctype_alnum($_GET['mod'])) ? $_GET['mod'] : $default_mod );

//moderator header hook
$module_name = $hooks->run_hooks('moderator_header', $module_name);

//Begin module
$module = ModuleFactory::moderatorFactory($db, $tpl, $player, $module_name);

//Admin footer hook
$hooks->run_hooks('moderator_footer', $module_name);


And then create directory index, and index.php inside it


defined('IN_EZRPG') or exit;

 Class: Moderator_Index
 Home page for the admin panel.
class Moderator_Index extends Base_Module
     Function: start
     Displays moderator/index.tpl
   public function start()


Basic moderator panel without any modules. If want add any just copy paste them from admin folder.

now go to smarty/templates folder and make exact copy of admin folder.

change whole index.tpl to this


{include file="moderator/header.tpl" TITLE="Moderator"}


<h2>Moderator Modules</h2>
       <li><a href="index.php?mod=Members">Member Management</a></li>

If you install extra moderator modules, edit <em>smarty/templates/moderator/index.tpl</em> to add links above.

{include file="moderator/footer.tpl"}	


Whola, you have your own moderator panel.

Like this we can make diffrent ranks like Noob-Moderator, Moderator, Super Moderator, Admin, Super Admin, Owner, each having it owns Panel, with diffrent features.

Enjoy ;)


this is just simple copy+paste with some editing needed. Just saving your time from long searching.
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