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Kingdoms RPG - First release of 2012


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Hi all,

The latest release of my browser-based RPG adds a whole lot of new stuff, including add-ons for buildings (which can be used to garrison characters to defend an area of the map). resistance ratings for each character, against Fire, Ice and Poison damage, and some new Mage spells. On top of that, is a whole slew of new artwork, including buttons for various actions, and a brand new logo.


Kingdoms is an online "persistent world" web-based role-playing game like no other. You control a party of characters who start as low-level novices, but - with your help - can become powerful adventurers, politicians or even monarchs!

Explore a rich and dynamic land that you (or your fellow players) can influence. Discover new towns, explore dungeons, fight all manner of foul creatures, conquer cities, construct battlements, and much more.

Would love for you to check it out, and give some feedback! :)

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Got another release out, and as suggested, email verification is not required in order to log in. In fact, you don't even have to supply an email address.

There are also a bunch of other changes, mostly around balance, UI tweaks and a few enhancements for those running a kingdom.

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