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Which template engine do you use?


Which template engine do you use?  

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  1. 1. Which template engine do you use?

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Yes, smarty is the most popular, so I'm pretty sure it will win.

But, there are plenty of other options(some better) available.

So which template engine do you rely on the most, and why?

My choice is RainTPL. It's very compact, just over 1,000 lines in one file, and supports the things I use most in template engines, like caching.

It's also very efficient to work with for me, as it's very flexible. I can generate an infinite amount of templates in one go.

The draw back, is the caching. It's not very, "timely". And thus, creates a bottleneck in your script, where it appears the application is lagging behind.

Sample template:

<p>Hello there, {function="ucwords($name)"}!</p>


Sample construct:

// setup templating
       require_once($c['paths']['vendor'] . 'raintpl/rain.tpl.class.php'); 
                   'base_url'  => null,
                   'tpl_dir'   => ($c['paths']['tpl'] . $c['tpl']['cur']),
                   'cache_dir' => ($c['paths']['tpl'] . $c['paths']['tmp'])
       if(!$cache = $tpl_main->cache($page, 60, 1)) {
           $tpl_main->assign('name', $user_name);
           $content = $tpl_main->draw('template', true);
       } else $content = $cache;

       // $content is the template, ready to be buffered out.


Quite easy.

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