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As far as I know, you can use the path, when setting up cron jobs (anyone verify this?), if that's the case, move them out of your public directory, then you shouldn't need the code.

Yes, I can choose path.

It starts as: php -f /home/a*******/ and from here on, I finish path like public_html/cron5min.php

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Then how about storing your cron files, within /home/name/crons/ then they cannot be accessed by domain/...

That way you should be able to remove the part that checks for the code, I would wait for someone else to comment on this before putting such a solution live, as I've got no idea if there is any downfalls (I'm sure there is, as why wouldn't everyone do this, if they could).

If this isn't good enough, you could try some form of 'cronless crons', which you can find information about here somewhere.

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