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danger boy

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I've gotten a pretty good conversion on my clicks from AdvertiseYourGame (not sure what AdvertiseMyGame is), but they are very slow to respond to any emails and recently all their banner spots on publishers' sites showed a PHP error instead of the banner for over a week before they fixed it. When you finally get your ads approved by them, you'll probably have some success advertising there, but like I said, their customer service is terrible.

Leet Media is a relatively newer network for browser games and they have MUCH better customer service. They just aren't as big as AYG yet.

You could also sign up for top games lists and put the voting link in your game and get free advertising on the list. The more votes you get, the higher your game will be on the lists.

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They're good. I don't get as many clicks from them as from AYG because they have less publishers and of the people that click on my banners from Leet, not as high of a percentage of them sign up for my game compared to AYG, but I still think that Leet Media is a good network and worth doing business with. The banners at the top of this forum are from Leet Media actually. Their url is http://leetmedia.com.

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Indeed, we are testing out leetmedia, just to see what they offer. Seems like their service works rather well, however on the publishers side they are still lacking quite a bit of options and still have quite some non-critical bugs. I've also noticed that their inventory isn't as well filled for us. This might be different with other kinds of sites though. I cannot judge on that. If you become an advertiser, your ad might even show up here! Aside from leetmedia as publisher, I cannot contribute to this topic.

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