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Need Game Owner Partner - Must be able to code


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first of all, apologies if this is the wrong place to post this but im looking for someone to help me open up and run a game, i have alot of experience, i have coded my own game 3 times from scratch, ive taken a years break from playing and coding online games but im just wanting to get back into it now and open up my own site again, i have a name idea and i have a script liscensed and ready to go.

I am basically looking for someone who could take on most of the work, I work full time and am currently busy creating a website/ecommerce online shop for the company, although in a couple off months when that is complete i will have more spare time.

I have no plans/game/ideas set in stone yet so if anyone has any ideas i would appreciate them, if you might be interested then you must be able to code, i can code and have alot of experience in coding too and would like someone who could access the ocntrol panel with me and update aswell as add new features to the game. I have funds to invest into the project, whether or not you have funds does not matter depending on your skills and objectives really, just hit me up on here and ill get back to you, thanks :]

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Yeah i see what you mean, well to clear things up i will be putting in as much work as anyone that is happy to work with me, as its a partnership if we can both spend some $$ on the game then that would be great, i have already spend money on custom mods and will be getting some mascotts made by a designer friend of mine, ive got modded script ive put together, its not that advanced at the moment but it has some nice ideas already, the thing is the game is mafia base (I KNOW - ORIGINAL :P) but if someone came forward with a game plan/story then we could adapt the script to match the theme and story and create a unique game which i think i would prefer to do, ive ran games before which made thousands of $$ but ended up failing because either someone ripped us off and destroyed the game. I will of course be doing ite maintenance and coding additional features for the game, the way i wrote it before i know sounded a bit like i want someone to make a game for me while i sit back and make money lmao, that is not the case and i actually enjoy the making and running of games so i will be putting in the work too.

Appreciate the feedback on my post and if anything else needs clearing up let me know, thanks :)

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