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Fox Game Studio Version 1.0


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Hello everyone im pretty sure everyone knows the famous Mccode Game Scripts well i have decided to now Release my own version using my own codes called Fox Game Studio v1.

This will be built by myself using MY OWN code and knowledge. I am looking at a release date soon.


You may ask why am i doing this ?

well i have noticed that mccodes have not released a new game script for a long time now and at the current point the money you pay is not worth the code you get.

1.What my version is going to do is allow people with a lesser computer knowledge build there own game and i am going to make sure everything is easy to use and well structured i.e game/ tutorials

2. I realised each version costs a considerable amount of money so i have decided to add a new payment scheme this invloves one payment for a specifcic version such as 1.0 and then when 1.1 comes out they will also recieve that for free , which i may consider also bringing out a modification subscription as well to do other similar features this will mean that the people who purchase my product get more for there money

3. I have also noticed that online that there is a reasonable amount of mccode v2 versions on upload sites for free this is what i must avoid with my game so i intend to md5 some of my codes to disallow this to happen.

4. I have also made a deal with a few computer programmers of c++ to make the new game version much more modern and reduce the amount of text into flash and images.

Thankyou for reading please pm me for more information or just post what you think open to both + and - comments

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There is no real solution to protect your files, specially in PHP. The only solutions are like zend guard which encode your files, however for an engine where the owner should be able to modify it, it defeat the purpose. So either allow people to work with your engine and accept some pirated versions floating around, or keep the files for yourself ;)

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