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[HIRING] Web developer for several projects.


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Hey coders, developers, and fellow leet people!

I have many ongoing projects and planned projects.

I have a webgame based on MCCODES that I could use some additional features, namely I want to have an additional currency in addition to money and crystals. There's a bit more to it, I also want a hierarchy of gangs, PM for details.

I also am going to be building a hosting/VPS network and I need a user interface for that plus I would definitely need help setting things up. From researching it would appear that people prefer cPanel interfaces, so I am sharpening my Linux skills and I almost have the OS set up the way I want. I have about a dozen servers and (literally) 80,000GB ready to be put into this network and I am aiming for a March launch.

PM me on here and we'll talk turkey, I have basically a four-digit budget for the setup of the VPS network. I also want to host gameservers (I.E. Half Life) and it would appear that some users prefer not to use a cPanel VPS because of memory overhead, so I would need some advice on how implement cPanel and some other system side by side. I basically have money, need help, PM for details!

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VPS' were created to be "how I want it", so don't focus on a specific administration panel. If they don't want cPanel, offer something like Webmin. If they want a commercial product, have them pay a partial Plesk or cPanel license... usually about 30USD p/m.

On the other side, if you have a four-digit budget then I highly doubt you'd be able to cough up for the cPanel license, let alone a dozen servers' maintenance bills.

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