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Cron_day problem


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Ok I keep getting this error the rest of my crons work but this one just keep giving me an error well heres my cron_day file


include "config.php";
global $_CONFIG;
if($_GET['code'] != $_CONFIG['code']) { die(""); }
define("MONO_ON", 1);
require "class/class_db_{$_CONFIG['driver']}.php";
$db=new database;
$db->query("UPDATE fedjail set fed_days=fed_days-1");
$q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM fedjail WHERE fed_days=0");
if(count($ids) > 0)
$db->query("UPDATE users SET fedjail=0 WHERE userid IN(".implode(",", $ids).")");
$db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `daily`='0'");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET reward_done=0");

$db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `restorevip`='0'");
$db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `restore`='0'");
$db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `restoredd`='0'");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET ddcollections = 5 WHERE donatordays >= 1");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET ddcollections = 3 WHERE donatordays = 0");
$db->query("DELETE FROM fedjail WHERE fed_days=0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET daysingang=daysingang+1 WHERE gang > 0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET daysold=daysold+1, boxes_opened=0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET mailban=mailban-1 WHERE mailban > 0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET donatordays=donatordays-1 WHERE donatordays > 0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET vipdays=vipdays-1 WHERE vipdays > 0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET cdays=cdays-1 WHERE course > 0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET bankmoney=bankmoney+(bankmoney/50) where bankmoney>0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET cybermoney=cybermoney+(cybermoney/100*7) where cybermoney>0");
$q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE cdays=0 AND course > 0");
$cd=$db->query("SELECT * FROM courses WHERE crID={$r['course']}");
$db->query("INSERT INTO coursesdone VALUES({$r['userid']},{$r['course']})");
if($coud['crSTR'] > 0)
$ev.=", {$coud['crSTR']} strength";
if($coud['crGUARD'] > 0)
$ev.=", {$coud['crGUARD']} guard";
if($coud['crLABOUR'] > 0)
$ev.=", {$coud['crLABOUR']} labour";
if($coud['crAGIL'] > 0)
$ev.=", {$coud['crAGIL']} agility";
if($coud['crIQ'] > 0)
$ev.=", {$coud['crIQ']} IQ";
if ($upd) {
$db->query("UPDATE users u LEFT JOIN userstats us ON u.userid=us.userid SET us.userid=us.userid $upd WHERE u.userid=$userid");
$db->query("INSERT INTO events VALUES('',$userid,unix_timestamp(),0,'Congratulations, you completed the {$coud['crNAME']} and gained $ev!')");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET course=0 WHERE cdays=0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET turns=25");
$db->query("TRUNCATE TABLE rating");
$db->query("TRUNCATE TABLE votes;");


and heres the error that keep poping up when I do it.

QUERY ERROR: Unknown column 'restore' in 'field list'

Query was UPDATE `users` SET `restore`='0'

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not in one field but in one query ;)

But that would not fix your field issue, you should really check if you need that row 30 of yours.

To make multiple set in one query (for example):

$db->query("UPDATE users SET daily='0', reward_done=0, restorevip='0', restoredd='0'");


You can also make something quicker above for your fedjail:

$db->query("UPDATE users SET fedjail=0 WHERE userid IN (SELECT fed_userid FROM fedjail WHERE fed_days=0)");

In that case you don't need any ifs, no need to read all and store in an array before, and at the end it will be even faster ;)

there is others which could be cleaned up as well maybe, but I let you dig.

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