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What is that?

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So anyone notice that occasionally there are a bunch of random blog posts by some newly created account (Which I assume was created by a bot or something). Since they never have anything to do with gaming or programming, why are they being created?

Is it some type of advertising service? (where profits are paid to owner of mwg)

Is it some type of malicious advertising service? (where another site pays to have links posted about it in vulnerable places around the web)

Is it a script that a site uses to have links posted about it in vulnerable places around the web? (Possibly sending ajax requests when the sites visitor visits a page providing real and valid ip's)

Is it the forums software doing? (For means of testing or for whatever reasons)

Is it a real person posting it to gain traffic to their site?

Or could it possibly just be someone who doesn't know what they're doing posting stuff on the web?

Anyway. Anyone have any idea what it is and why it's being posted?

Examples: http://makewebgames.io/entry.php/283-canicule-I-advance-such-a-habit,



Don't really notice them after a while, but I think I remember some getting deleted.

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