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URGENT help needed ASAP


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Hello, i run a mccodes game that runs from v2x engine, i've been trying for DAYS to get crons to work, they dont work.

i have my OWN dedicated server, i am my own host, there is no cron restrictions, i've also verified this with the datacentre.

If i try to put them into my browser manually then it just shows a blank page and im in jail with the exact same amount of time as before!!


etc etc... it just isnt working. also tryed.

* * * * * curl http://yoursite.com/cron_minute.php?code=yourgameid


0-59 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://yoursite.com/cron_minute.php?code=yourgameid

No errors nothing! just blank page, and it doesnt change ingame!

Help me ASAP please, i have MSN,AIM,GTALK,ICQ,EMAIL. [email protected] on all


im willing to pay a cash reward as i earn money from this game and its down right now because of crons!


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