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Creating a Mobile suitable template/site please help!


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Okay am really confused, Say i had a game right now i know how to make app and that but i need a Mobile template for it Perfectly fitting the screen maybe a few little scrolls to the side but not too long or much scrolling should be done to width of it.

Now my question is what is the size i should designing on which will fit most screens perfectly?

im going to design a template made just for mobiles so will have easy navigation around the game, i just need to know what size to actually design on so it can be sliced and coded then view perfectly on a phone



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jQuery Mobile is my choice of mobile development. Its native support for every mobile phone is insane. It does though lack in parameter passing via ajax, but I'm sure you can think of something else up. Its pretty good and its what I'm using to development the mobile version of my site. The listviews/buttons and sliders are very helpful.

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