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[$10-v1] SECURE Reset Password


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Secure Reset Password - $10

This mod is completely secure. This secure reset password is 100% mine and 100% bug free. The system requires user email validation and a secret question to be answered in order for the user to reset their password. There is a feature to change secret questions in preferences which i added on, but you want want to remove this once you feel everyone has a secret question and answer - this is solely to protect user account secret questions being changed by account jackers.

This mod is $10 - I will not be held responsible for ANY errors caused during conversions to v2 - that is your problem not mine, so do not come running to me saying my mod has a bug.

Screenshots below:









If you wish to purchase this mod please contact me via email or msn [email protected] or drop me a pm on CE. Thanks

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Re: [$10-v1] SECURE Reset Password


dont mistaken me here but all it is is 2 cases in preferences 1 mod coupple of letters changed in forgot_password.php and a few querys wich is around $10 so that is a good offer for what it protects ur game

HUH. Silver makes his codes from scratch, thats why he is a coder. Coders aren't people who edit codes and think they made it ALL. You say to every mod 'im makin 1 for ma m8' lol. It's seriously not nice towards Coders. Silvers a good guy, He doesn't do stupid things like that.

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