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Blocking proxies


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how do you block proxies and hackers and stuff like that, really make it hard for hackers.

and make your security on your game really good.

because far before i open my game i must ahve good security and if i dont have it i wont open.

so if anyone could post it here for free then i would greatly appreciate it and i might even give you 1. of my own mods i made :D

if not i might end up purhcasing it but if i do buy it it must work 100%

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Re: Blocking proxies

Why block proxies?

Just make your game super secure. Your not going to find or do anything to the hacker if you had his IP anyway, so what difference does it make if he hides it? Save your time and just make sure they cant find holes in your game, keep checking constantly, thats the only way ;)

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