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I currently have a decent little chatbox...I have it saving in a database...Today I was temporarily suspended by my hosting company which is supposedly unlimited for exceeding there limits...Which really doesnt make sense to me. However, it is what it is...I am wondering how I would go about changing my chatbox to report to a txt file and or...how to set it up to truncate the table once every 5 hours or something similar. I know I can set it up on a cron to clear at reset each night...which just might be the best idea...But how do I go about this. Basically I am a novice coder by any means and need the help. I am willing to give a reward to those who help me if it is needed.

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Create a 5 hour cron then just do

$db->query("TRUNCATE TABLE xxxxx;");

xxxxxx being the name of your chat table


include "config.php";
global $_CONFIG;
if($_GET['code'] != $_CONFIG['code']) { die(""); }
define("MONO_ON", 1);
require "class/class_db_{$_CONFIG['driver']}.php";
$db=new database;
$db->query("TRUNCATE TABLE xxxxx;");
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