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Google +1 Exchange


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I just thought I'd let everyone know about this Google +1's exchange system I cam accross HERE.

It's pretty good as it will help your games/websites search engine ranking. The more +1's your site gets, the better it will be ranked :)

Obviously I'm using a referral link, however if you really dont want to use the referral link, then theres a plain link below. But the system is really good. You should try it out.


My Referral Link

Normal Link

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That's not completely true. Giving a +1 or even millions will NOT change your ranking as it would be way too easy to abuse it. Instead it shows that you are interested in this site and your friends or contact may see that. All info can be found here:


Its obvious that Google are going to involve +1 stats in search engine results. Whether they tell us or not, it's only common sense that they use the +1's to sort the quality sites from the not so quality.

They probably wont tell us that they will involve it in search results purley for the reason you mention - It would be abused. But I'm almost certain Google will use +1's as another method of sorting the good from bad.

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For sure they will NOT use this to change the search result position otherwise people will create tools to click those +1 to gain positions in the search results and therefore kill any meaning of it. For this reason Google will not use it for that and it's completely explained what's the goal of it if you take the time to read.

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