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Mccodes boards update - Thread prefixes


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Thread prefixes

After a small internal discussion with some moderators, it has been decided to re-add the thread prefixes. From now on, you'll need to select a prefix when making a post within the most of the mccodes board ( http://makewebgames.io/forumdisplay.php/330-MCCode-Development-amp-Support ), some are excluded like the general mcc board. When posting within this board, you do not need to select a prefix, yet you still can.

Please use this feature correctly, it will only help us and yourself. It will become easier to spot what kind of support you need exactly. Also read this thread


Failure of following these simple rules might result in your post being deleted.

There are currently 4 thread prefixes to chose from:

lite (the free version)




sub board changes

Requests & development stages has been merged with "Mccodes mods in production", all posts can now be found in "Requests & In Production"

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