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Selling Game [Script+Template+Domain]


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Ok, i selling my game because i don't have time to done it, i have work on the template weeks.

What i sell?

Script V2.0.3 (Registered)


One problem is the translation but i can help you with that.

Custom Template (I give you all the PSD's files + the FLASH files)


You have customs images for weapons, cars, and others. I offer support after you buying, to change what you want and to create what do you want. The template is not done 100% because i don't have so much time, but we can fix that.

Domain (10 Mont)


You can see a demo there, but is just for demo, not to play Doesn't have any mod or something.

Username: demo

Password: demo

The Game is full security, i don't have change nothing.

All the Staff's items are in a special folder in root, APanel.

Please do not reply if you not interested. If you are interested, reply, pm me, or contact me on yahoo [email protected] for more details.

I don't have a price, offer.



Ok, i have an made an upgrade. The template work now fine in all the browsers (ie, firefoox)

New SS:




If are any questions obout, let me know.

Contact me on PM!

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