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I just can't figure it out...


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Hey guys i've been trying to get my template finished up, my site is http://BigCapo.org and if you log in under user:demo pass:demo you can see how the border outside of the main body just kind of goes halfway down the page and then stops... i have no clue how to fix it and it's set to 100% repeat-y but it doesn't go 100% down the page lol... Any ideas?

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@illusions - no that will not work cross browser and does not factor in pages that are potentially longer or shorter.

You can tackle this 3 ways

1) (preferred way). Your div class bg_m has a defined width. Why don't you use create a background image for it that has the border patterns on the left and right sides? For a visual example, go here: https://forum.tera-europe.com/forumdisplay.php and look at how they use the background image on the class body_wrapper

2) In CSS3, there is a new border-image feature which lets you turn a border into an image. I don't recommend this as not all browsers are CSS3 compliant, but it could be interesting: http://www.css3.info/preview/border-image/

3) Use JavaScript/jQuery to detect the height of your document and then bind the height to your border images. I don't recommend this as it can break with certain css, and will definitely not work if a user doesn't have JavaScript enabled.

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thanks diesl i'll probably end up using the first way... i thought about doing that before, but i thought there might be an issue making the page smaller then i realised i should just change the overall width of bg_m and all will be good.

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