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chatroom problem


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right ive just put up a chat room the it writes to the log the text shows up when i got to chats.php but when i type in anything in the text box u cannot see it on the page its ment to be i dont know whats going on but heres my codes


print "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='3; url=croom.php'>
<body bgcolor='#333'><center>
<font face='verdana' size='2' color='gold'>";
$f=str_replace("/n", "<br />", $f);
} else {
$f="Chat isn't configured right. Remember to CHMOD the file chatbox.txt to 777. Thanks.";
print $f;



include "globals.php";

$name=$ir['username']." [$userid] : "; //The name of the user

print "<center>

$_GET['message'] = $_REQUEST['message'];

$mess = array("gay","****","poo","game","sign up", "porn", "nob","cock","dick");

$found = 0; //amount of dirty words found
foreach($mess as $val)
if(eregi($val, $_GET['message']))
$found ++;

} else {

//filterd done

$words = array("%","^","&","*","!","?","#","@");

$rand = false;

foreach($words as $w)
if(strlen($rand) < 5)
$rand .= $w;


$_GET['message'] = str_replace($val, $rand, $_GET['message']);

$newtotal = $name;
$newtotal .= $_GET['message'];
$newtotal .= "/n";
if(strlen(file_get_contents("cbox.txt")) <= 3000)
$f = @file_get_contents("cbox.txt");
$newtotal .= $f;
$f = fopen("cbox.txt", "w");
fwrite($f, $newtotal);


print "<iframe frameborder='0' src='chats.php' width='100%' height='60%'>

</iframe><br />
<div id='do_a'></div><br />
<form name='newmessage' action='croom.php' method='post' onsubmit='checkbad()'>
Message: <input type='text' name='message' value='' size='30' maxlength='30'><br />
<input type='submit' id='mess' value='Add your message'>



anyone could tell me what im doing wrong lol would be much appreciated

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yes its creating the txt file and writing to it but on the page croom.php it is not printing the chatbox, if i go to chats.php the chat box is present with the contents of the txt file i just cant seem to put them together, lmao i did try using preg_match still same result chat page with submit button textbox saying chatroom but no chatbox haha giving me a migraine :P any other ideas ? :)

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