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How are you making your game mobile ready?


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I just had a look at my Google Analytics the other day, and noticed that for the month of May, the highest screen resolution (by quite a margin) that visited my game was 240x160. This has been an increasing trend over the last while, so it is not something to ignore. When I first designed my layout, I didn't take the time to modify it to be suitable for mobile devices, as I thought that most of my players would be using a desktop or laptop. That was quite naive of me, and I'm looking to do a re-design that would better support my mobile device users.

I am aiming to design a flexible CSS3 layout that customizes depending on the size of your browsers. You can see how it is done here: http://webdesignerwall.com/tutorials/adaptive-mobile-design-with-css3-media-queries

My question is, what sort of things are you doing to support mobile users in terms of UI?

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I'm basically not doing it most of the time. For wsirc I did a special page for mobile browser for any other application I didn't and will not do it. For my coming game mobile application is not even something which will be imagined due to the fact the game uses Silverlight and require quiet some screen real estate and cpu power.

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