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How to prevent newbie killing?


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More Or less, You could even go in-depth by calculating a percentage of the attackers stats and the victims stats.

Therefore, If the Attacker's Stats are Per say 15% higher than the Victims stats, Then, You are not allowed to attack them. I use to do something similar in a game I use to own. Worked decent. But it has its issue's.

Which, Might as well go ahead and tell you, If you take and do that, On Gang Wars etc, etc you have to take the block off therefore, Making all fairness during a war.

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I have seen games that such start players off at a location for only level 20 or below. Once you hit 20 you're forced out of that location. It's an interesting way to protect players during their first few hours, and it's not forced upon them since they can move if they wish.

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