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Web Programmer for Hire - Need

W3Theory || Peter

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My partner and I, have been working hard on year1920.com. However, I am looking to hire a programmer, who has knowledge of PHP, Mysql and possibly understands Javascript. I do not mean just knows or how to fix bugs, but knows how to actually go in depth if given a detail description.

I am looking to go on a project to project base, with the person needing to be on almost every day to work. I will be paying per feature and not by hour (don't trust people on how they calculate it).

Please send me a pm, with a portfolio and description of your pricing,time-frame, and expertise.

Thank you,

Peter Leaman

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Why ask people for their hourly rate when you specified you arnt paying per hour? :s make a list with a couple of mods you want doing and get people to say how much they would charge for each.

Asking for an hourly rate will give me an idea how much someone would charge. Yes I want it to be based on projects/features, however without having to post my features (the person will have to sign an NDA), I want to know what the person will normally charge per hour and then I can figure out from there what they should charge per feature.

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