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[email protected] -- anyone know?


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He was going to buy about 15 mods from me, so i sent him 2/3 beforehand. He then said that he would pay after, this never happened...its not a lot of code i've lost, it was only like jail/hospital/advanced search.

Does anyone know who he is?

There is no way to report him to paypal, or if there is, i can't find the link?

Does anyone know what i should do about this, he promised me $300?

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Re: [email protected] -- anyone know?

Agreed. I've had many people try to rip code off me like that before. You just gotta be stern enough to tell them to pay first then give the code. If they say they don't know if they can trust you, then they probably don't know anything about you or the mod you're giving to them and they're just trying to hijack some mods.

Gotta think smarter.

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