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Urgent Trouble


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Re: Urgent Trouble

Why the hell does people even need 50GB bandwidth and 10GB space??

You people just think its 'in fashion' aka 'cool'.

I have a friend that gets about more unique visitors a day than most of these 'big' mccode games combined.

You do NOT need all those stuff.

Hosters are evil, they give you more, but then hardware fails and you end up sitting paid for something that has been down for 3 weeks.

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Re: Urgent Trouble

I have had the same host for like 5 months now, running different things at different times, it is the host i use at first for things before i move them on to another host It has quite alot, cant remeber it all atm and i pay $25 a month for it :P So it is kinda expensive for a testing site if you will but its ok!

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Re: Urgent Trouble

if you really would like to use that up there is an alternative.

something that would drive a game such as torncity insane:

$time = time();
header("Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate"); // HTTP/1.1
header("Expires: ".$time); // Date in the past
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Re: Urgent Trouble

Host monster arnt that bad of a host but I dont think you actually get what they advertise. Because its so much no normall user is going to use it all, and they know that. BUT it gives them the fall back if someone actuallly does decide to go over it. Its like unlimited but not... Ive also heard there lines are very slow. I cant remember the company that was giving a virtual leased line with there hosting as part of their new multi pipe line.

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Re: Urgent Trouble

Ya, their support is bad too... Check out this transscript lol.


Visitor Name: Jesse *****

Question: Why was my account suspended because of "overusing my CPU". That shouldn't have happened. I was testing for bugs.

IP Address: *****

Browser Information: *****

Capture Information:


Ryan T.: Thank you for visiting our online chat support - we will be with you shortly.

Ryan T.: If your account has exceeded the CPU system limit, your account will be temporarily disabled for about 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes is up, the server will automatically startup your account once more.

The reason this happens is your account has either one or more processes that took a total of 40 seconds to run within a minute period. To find out what process(es) did this, log into your control panel.

1. Click File Manager

2. Look in the 'tmp' folder

3. Click on the ‘cpu_exceeded_logs'

4. Click the text file for the date in question and click show file

This file will show you all the contributing processes that tipped your account over the CPU Exceeded limit. It can be just one process or combined processes that total 40 seconds of CPU time.

Jesse ***** 4:30:14 PM: Is this a live person?

4:30:40 PM: Or is it some automatic computerized thing?

Ryan T. 4:31:35 PM: I am a meat popscicle

4:31:45 PM: *** ^_^ ***

Jesse ***** 4:31:46 PM: Ok when somebody does read this make sure you E-Mail me with a response. If you need me I will be on *****

I bleeped out sensitive information. But either way their support sucks lol

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