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Coding Error (criminal.php) - Please help!!!

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Re: Coding Error (criminal.php) - Please help!!!


if you bought these codes then they would work. And if you did buy them ask the owners for a new copy.

What are you trying to suggest you retard.. the error i worked out is caused when you have crime groups but 0 crimes add +1 or more crime (be there no SQL errors) and then you will see the error is fixed. dont make false assumptions you stupid plank


It really fucking burns me when people paste entire pages of code on the forums which are not free distributions.

Sorry mate removed it :wink:

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Re: Coding Error (criminal.php) - Please help!!!

Well why dont you post just the For loop so we can see what you're talking about.

My criminal.php file is only 30 lines, not sure why what I saw here earlier was so large. :)

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