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Visual Basic: Sb CD Drive Prank


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Just a program I wrote in my spare time in VB.

Run the exe. Set the timer. Go hide.

When the user comes back to the computer, they are in for a surprise. After the timer elapses, the cd drive of their computer will start popping in and out.



I've gotten a couple pm's on how to end this program after it runs, because they can't find it in their processes. You don't need to end it. After it finished popping the cd drive in and out, it exits out of itself, leaving no trace :D

Download Program

Download Code

You can see this program's development and more at my blog, teachthe.net


Edit: Oops, wrong forum. Should have gone one more child level down to 'Other Programming Languages'

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Re: Visual Basic: Sb CD Drive Prank


Reminds of one of my first games.

I had a big red link that said "don't click me!". When the user clicked it, it used to open the cd-rom drive.

Turns out quite a few players clicked it and then were getting other players to click it "for free bonuses"

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