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I was bored yesterday, So i was just adding game owners to promote my products when I found this guy who was trying to sell me MCcodes v2,

Reffering to LostOne's accusation of "prove it" I have infact taken a screenshot for you all to see.


Maybe this might see to you that I don't ly about my stuff.

He is infact a game owner.

He claims "he brought a reseller license" when dabomster doesn't offer that,

So that's pure lying.

I just hope to you just to watch out,

I'm not giving away his addy because people might take advantage,

If i trust you or rely on you I will give you his game name and his MSN address.

I was completely shocked,

I'm not even bothering to submit this report to dabomstew because he won't deal with it and it's just a waste of time.

My Proof




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Damnnnnnnnnnn that MSN's oooooooooooold

Well I prefer this, I use to use the live one but it's so boring, It's got un nessecary things such as nudges and winks, all your suppose to do is chat anyway.

this one is faster aswell, new msn logs me out 60% of the time.

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