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GRPG Exploits - Help needed


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I have recently installed the GRPG game on my server and it seems that someone has already managed to exploit my game.

It's currently in beta amungst a few friends, but im guessing someone who I may have sent the url to a while back in my old game may be hacking it.

It seems they can gain cash, points and houses with ease.

Is there anyone here that can assist in plugging up these exploits? :cry:


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Re: GRPG Exploits - Help needed

not familiar with game....but im sure its gong to be about the same. just check all the inputs......like the cmarket on mccodes......

sorry for the vagueness of this post, but its kinda vague itself lol....and grpg engine in mccocdes section loll.....just messing with ya :)

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