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Re: gym exp

I wasnt sure where to add it, here is my gym code...


include "globals.php";
include "travellingglobals.php";
if($ir['gympass']== 0)
die("You do not have a gym club membership,

[url='passesshop.php']Buy a Gym Pass[/url]");
if($ir['hospital']) { die("This page cannot be accessed while in hospital."); }
'Strength' => 'strength',
'Agility' => 'agility',
'Guard' => 'guard',
'Labour' => 'labour');
$_POST['amnt']=abs((int) $_POST['amnt']);
print "<h3>Gym</h3><hr />";
 print "<h3>Jail Gym</h3><hr />";
if($_POST['stat'] && $_POST['amnt'])
   die("This stat cannot be trained.");
 if($_POST['amnt'] > $ir['energy'])
   print("You do not have enough energy to train that much.<hr />");
   for($i=0; $i<$_POST['amnt']; $i++)

     if($ir['will'] < 0) { $ir['will']=0; }
   if($ir['prison']) { $gain/=2; }
   $db->query("UPDATE `userstats` SET `{$stat}` = `{$stat}` + $gain WHERE `userid` = $userid");
   $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `will` = {$ir['will']}, energy = energy - {$_POST['amnt']} WHERE `userid` = $userid");
     print "You begin lifting some weights.

     You have gained {$gain} strength by doing {$_POST['amnt']} sets of weights.

     You now have {$inc} strength and {$inc2} energy left.";
     print "You begin running on a treadmill.

     You have gained {$gain} agility by doing {$_POST['amnt']} minutes of running.

     You now have {$inc} agility and {$inc2} energy left.";
     print "You jump into the pool and begin swimming.

     You have gained {$gain} guard by doing {$_POST['amnt']} minutes of swimming.

     You now have {$inc} guard and {$inc2} energy left.";
     print "You walk over to some boxes filled with gym equipment and start moving them.

     You have gained {$gain} labour by moving {$_POST['amnt']} boxes.

     You now have {$inc} labour and {$inc2} energy left.";
   print "<hr />";
print "Choose the stat you want to train and the times you want to train it.

You can train up to {$ir['energy']} times.<hr />
<form action='gym.php' method='post'>
Stat: <select type='dropdown' name='stat'>
<option style='color:red;' value='Strength'>Strength (Have {$ir['strength']}, Ranked {$ir['strank']})
<option style='color:blue;' value='Agility'>Agility (Have {$ir['agility']}, Ranked {$ir['agirank']})
<option style='color:green;' value='Guard'>Guard (Have {$ir['guard']}, Ranked {$ir['guarank']})
<option style='color:brown;' value='Labour'>Labour (Have {$ir['labour']}, Ranked {$ir['labrank']})

Times to train: <input type='text' name='amnt' value='{$ir['energy']}' />

<input type='submit' value='Train' /></form>";
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