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2 images I created


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Hello all...

I created these images in Adobe Illustrator and I need feedback so I can improve my future designs.

Desert eagle:


Blue Motorbike:


Green Motorbike:


Please say what you think.

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Re: 2 images I created


those are pretty sweet is the adobe illustrator a vector art program cause thats what it looks like some very nice vector art

Yeah, it is a vector art program I guess.

I get to resize my images without any problems.

Thanks for your positive comments everyone :-)

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Re: 2 images I created


Well.. Ummm..

Do You Have.... Errr.... Hidden Talent? :P

Not really :-P

I've been creating these sort of images for a while, as I'm practicing and I like making them.

I'm planning to make a browser based game in the future sometime.

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Re: 2 images I created

Thanks everyone.

I'm planning to make designs and give them away for free for your games/projects etc, my site is underconstruction at the minute. Whens it's open you will be able to get different sort of designs from there for free, but you cannot resell. When the site is up I will be adding images everytime I have finished them in Illustrator/Photoshop, so it could take me a while untill you see new images on the site.

Why am I giving them out for free?

Because I dont really like people paying for work I do, and the designs I make and I wont really use them.

Can you sell them?

Like I said NO you carnt.

I will probaly add a donation feature, so if you want to donate you can but you dont have to.

But please dont rush me into getting the site up and running as everything will be free (you can donate if you want), plus I have not long started it, so it will take me some time.

Here are a few more images I uploaded (I made more but couldnt be bothered to upload them):

Lamborghini (I rushed with this one):


Mustang (my favourite so far):


Have a good day!

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Re: 2 images I created


Joel what if someone wants an image made and don't want anyone else to use it will you give a quote or do you simply always give them away what ever the reason?

I rather give people free graphics than them paying.

But then again I dont like working for people at all, because what I create I think it would need to be perfect for the customer (and I dont like taking people's money), thats the main reason why.

Ohh and I'm not obsessed with money. :-P

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